DigiTruck Salone

Digitruck Salone is a 40ft refurbished shipping container that has been converted into a mobile state-of-the-art digital classroom with connectivity that is completely self-sustainable and can reach remote locations. It provides new knowledge and opportunities to local communities through access to the social, political, employment and financial services and platforms that access to the internet brings. 


Achieving digital literacy is challenging due to socio-economic factors present in rural communities such as low literacy levels, poverty, absence of infrastructure and social inequalities. The aim is to reach two key demographics who have very limited opportunities at present and who can benefit from both the skills gained and a new understanding of what might be possible for their lives: girls from rural schools across the country, and rural business women seeking to utilize the internet and digital skills to improve their livelihoods. 


From Monday to Friday, digital literacy classes are held from 8:30 to 2:30 for schools and from 3:30-5pm for rural business women. The Digitruck is open in the evenings and a half day on Saturday for trainees to practice their skills and for the larger local community to access the internet. 


Digitruck Salone is be powered by green energy and therefore completely self-sufficient because of the installed solar and battery system. A Digitruck is connected anywhere, thanks to a 4G-router and satellite. The interior is be equipped with 14 workstations to provide an optimal e-learning environment. The back 12 feet of the container are furnished as an internet lounge, allowing for learning and sharing in a more casual environment.


Digitruck Salone will spend 3 months in a District before moving to the next location. First, it will take up a 3-month residence in the Western Rural Area, then Bombali District and Kenema District, serving schools and rural business women in the area. Interspersed with the student modules on digital learning will be sessions on sexual and reproductive health and rights and prevention of sexual and gender-based violence, two key issues particularly relevant in rural communities. We use youth-friendly programming and apps on tablets to help build critical knowledge on these key issues. 


A key element of this project is to ensure that the skills learned from the Digitruck Salone program can be continued and refined, even when the users cannot afford computers themselves. We do this by donating the equipment to the local communities when Digitruck Salone moves to its next location.

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