MMW is Turning 10!!

We’re celebrating 10 years of advocacy for women and girls in Sierra Leone.

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Our Mission

We connect rural women and girls – those beyond the reach of traditional media – with the tools to be healthy, live safely, and fully enjoy their rights.

Empowering women for social change

Media Matters for Women journalists create podcasts – in rural villages’ local languages – that cover topics important to the health, safety and welfare of women and girls. Our field staff, who are hired from the rural communities that we serve, deliver these podcasts to their communities via listening centers, youth advocates, town criers, and radio stations. Topics include COVID, Ebola, malaria, sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), female genital mutilation (FGM), and Sierra Leone’s June 2023 general elections.

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MMW at a Glance

This booklet provides a quick glimpse of Media Matters for Women’s progress since it was initiated in 2010.

EXPLORE Mamie and Omo Booklet

This booklet provides a snapshot of our showcase program, a lively podcast series called “Mamie & Omo.”

Mamie and Omo Booklet