Advocating for sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR)


Number of students served by the MMW Period Power Project in 2022.

Women and girls in rural Sierra Leone lack information about their sexual and reproductive health rights, resulting in some of the highest rates of maternal and child mortality, teen pregnancy and female genital mutilation, and gender-based violence in the world. MMW works at the grassroots level, providing education on the topics that local women tell us they need to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy—issues such as disease prevention, family planning, and menstrual health.

MMW’s popular Period Power Program runs in 30 schools nationwide, educating both girls and boys on menstrual health, FGM, and sexuality education, and teaching students to sew environmentally-friendly sanitary pads from inexpensive, readily available materials. Our program has established “pad banks” in schools so if they start their period at school, they can take a pad and stay in class.

Students learn about the period cycle and how to make menstrual hygiene products