MMW Initiative with Financial Development Institutions

The MMW International Advisory Board recently agreed to begin partnering with privately held companies operating in the least developed countries, helping companies in the private sector to achieve their social and economic goals in the countries where they work, especially meeting IFC Standard 7 on indigenous peoples and SDG 5 on gender equality, particularly SDG 5(B) to enhance the use of enabling technology to promote the empowerment of women and girls.

Global companies who aspire to provide net positive outcomes for women and girls in Africa often are at a loss as to how information campaigns, public service announcements, community updates, and civic engagement can be effectively accomplished  to deliver improved access to local health centres, increased engagement in local elections and improved health and welfare outcomes. MMW operations in Sierra Leone and DRC can assist privately held companies in these countries to achieve a lasting impact in improving the lives of women and girls in their areas of operation.

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