CATCHAFIRE Offers Volunteer Expertise on Key Issues

CATCHAFIRE is an organization that matches professionals who want to donate their time and talent with nonprofits who need those skills. It is a for-purpose social enterprise, Public-Benefit Corporation1, and certified B-Corp – a new type of business model that demonstrates that a focus on a social mission and a goal to build a successful business can both be achieved at the same time. Catchafire enables skilled volunteers donate their time and expertise through 1-hour phone calls and/or fully fledged projects.  Catchafire supplies nonprofits with the tools and talent they need for positive social change, filling talent gaps throughout world.

Media Matters for Women was selected to be a recipient of Catchafire’s pro bono services. We have worked with several volunteers on a number of key projects, including data crunching and analysis from our recent project with Amplify Change in Sierra Leone. We are created a new logo for our popular drama series in Sierra Leone called “Mamie and Omo.” We would never have known the great volunteers we are working with unless we had been connected to Catchafire. They offer MMW a means to progress on key issues with the right people at the right time … free of charge!

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