Local Partner Activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Women who come for medical care at the Karibuni Wamama Hospital in Bunia in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) find that it is also a Media Matters for Women Listening Center. SOFEPADI, our local partner in the DRC, runs the Karibuni Wamama Hospital in addition to many other key services for women and girls. Together with SOFEPADI we have have created the “Wamama Tujenge” podcast series featuring lively, professional radio-style programs led by internationally recognized women’’s rights advocate Julienne Lusenge.

The Karibuni Wamama facility offers family planning and other services for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. They often treat victims of sexual violence. Our Focal Point at the hospital, Francoise Akelo (in the white coat), is a registered nurse and she plays our “Wamama Tujenge” podcasts for women in the waiting area. Afterward playing the podcast, Franciose leads the women in a discussion about what they heard, which often leads to further discussion. 

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