Our podcasts, reported and produced by our journalists, are central to our work covering women’s rights issues, particularly among mostly illiterate last-mile communities. Below, you’ll find access to more than 1,000 podcasts produced during the past 10 years.

Our listeners learn so much from our podcasts — about women’s rights, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, girls’ education, human trafficking, and Covid-19, among other topics — and give us powerful examples of how this information has positively shaped their choices.

We have an impressive archive of +1,000 podcasts (drama, in-depth reporting, and public service announcements), good governance and management best practices in place, steady income for seven years, proven crisis experience (Ebola and Covid), and significant uptake by community leaders.  We are trusted by our listeners and have proven effective results in improving their lives.  We inform and influence, retain top female broadcast journalists, and our model is easily scale-able.

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