Our Impact

Our 10 years of hard work advocating for the rights of women and girls have led to drastic societal change in last-mile areas of Sierra Leone.

  • We have enabled women and girls to expose and refuse to abide by harmful, traditional myths and have paved the way for open discussions about FGM in rural areas – often, for the first time. 
  • We have helped women learn about and receive treatment for breast cancer and fistula. 
  • Our field staff have emerged as trusted authorities in their communities, leading to the prosecution of abusers by the police. 
  • We have trained 75 women and men in rural areas in human rights advocacy skills, providing a source of income and pride not previously available to them. 
  • We have changed reluctant minds about family planning and supported wives and husbands in accessing those services. 
  • We employ talented, female journalists and provide a platform for women’s voices in a heavily male- dominated, media industry. 
  • We quickly adapted our operations to address COVID-19, delivering critical information from the earliest stages of the virus. This has significantly expanded our reach. 
  • We support and strengthen local CSOs and CBOs and work with traditional authorities to ensure that they take ownership of our program approach. 

From Our Listeners…

“Our community used to have huge numbers of teenage pregnancies before we started playing and sharing MMW programmes with Bluetooth. Now this has changed. The programmes have changed the way parents and girls think about this. Parents encourage their girls to go to school and stay there.” Dennis Conteh Makeni – Sebhora Chiefdom

“Sierra Leone has a rich resource in its professional and innovative women journalists. I have been lucky to work with many of them. This important and much needed new programme will be a success.” George Bennett, Former Head of the BBC African Service